Like everyone else, I make unrealistic New Year’s resolution.  By January 3rd, I've trashed most of them. Here are six smart phone-related New Year’s resolutions that I have made and subsequently forgotten:

1.)  I will plug my phone in at night—every night.  I will remind myself that three days without receiving any texts, e-mails, twitter notifications, Facebook reminders or phone calls is not normal. It’s not even possible unless the world has come to an end, in which case I would have noticed the flames and the screaming.

2.) Since I am fifteen minute late to everything, I will plan to be thirty minutes early to work, doctor’s appointments, and meetings with friends.  This way, I will actually be a net fifteen minutes early to everything.

3.) I will set my phone to remind me an hour ahead of all meetings.  Since my phone is not a discharged brick in the bottom of my purse (see resolution #1 above), this will work. (See also resolution #4 below)

4.)  I will not lose my smart phone.   

5.) I will not pull my phone out to play Candy Crush the minute conversation with my husband lags.  I will not play Candy Crush when I should be writing.  I will not play Candy Crush in traffic. I will not leave Candy Crush and Candy Crush related games and products open and running on my smart phone, allowing the battery to drain in a matter of minutes. (See resolution #1)

6.) I will buy an even more identifiable phone cover. (See resolution #4).  Cheap magenta leatherette isn't doing the trick.  Day glo Scooby Doo vampire? Shiny pink leopard skin print?  Something has got to work.