I've been nominated to take part in the triple seven challenge by fabulous NA author, Lucy Ledger.  When I first received this challenge I mistaken believed that I would have to run a marathon on every continent or something. I should have known that writers never run anywhere. 

I'm going to share seven lines from my YA novel,  The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily, and tag seven writers to do the same. Here's my seven:

Fractured things like snowflakes and mountain ranges are more geometrically interesting and require more complex modeling. ”
    “Abelard,” I said, forgetting that I was not supposed to interrupt, “Are you calling me a ‘special little snowflake’?”
    Abelard closed his eyes. He’d thought about this, arranged what he’d planned to say in great detail and all I could do was throw him off his game. And yet, I couldn’t help it. I wanted to ask him a hundred questions. I wanted to pull the googles off his head and run my hands through his hair. He was wearing a heather green ringer tee-shirt that looked insanely soft, bunny-marshmallow-cloud soft and I want to run my hand over his chest and find out.

The writers I'm tagging are:

Dustin Fife

Landon Clary Eason

Eleanor Cully

Cormac O'Hugh

Marisa Urgo

Jennifer Todhunter

Will Creedle