These are LBJ's bad-ass cowboy boots. Hand-stitched Lucchese.  Like butter. I saw them when I went to tour the LBJ ranch in Johnson city.

LBJ ranch, or Washington on the Brazos as the tour guides call it, is interesting because it's just a house. It's like Graceland, smaller than you'd think, dark and not particularly impressive. The war room reminded me of my grandfather's study. It was filled with old typewriters and reeked of cigarette smoke and old leather.

My grandfather hated LBJ. MY grandfather worked for AP-- he worked for the University of Texas and he was invited to the ranch for Barbecue at least once. He hated LBJ so much that when he went to the ranch he hung out at the pit with the cook and learned LBJs recipe for barbecue chicken, which I still have.

LBJs secret barbecue ingredient:  Bay leaves.  Lots and lots of bay leaves.